Use 3D Printing Supplies Technology To Print Running Shoes

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Olympic Sports Yesterday In Beijing Released Its First 3D Print Running Shoes, Which Is China's First Commercially Available 3D Print Running Shoes. According To Peak Beijing R & D Design Center Director Cui Yaguang Introduction, The Peak Released 3D Print Running Shoes, To Its Most Popular Slow Shock Running Shoes "Wyatt Five Generations" As The Prototype, Supplemented By 3D Printing Technology To Complete Scientific And Technological Innovation. At The Same Time, 3D Printing Technology Made Of ABS3D Print Material In The End, After SLS Laser Sintering Technology And More Flexible Light TPU Powder Molding 3D Running Shoes, Both To Ensure That When Running In The End Of The Required Strength, While The Light Of The Material Can Also Provide Excellent Softness And Buffer Resilience.
From The Beginning Of 2013, Peak Beijing Design R & D Center Will Introduce 3D Printing Equipment, The Beginning Of The Innovative Products For The Development Of Pimps Products Into A Powerful Driving Force. In The Past Five Years, Pick Has Used 3D Printing Technology To Manufacture Shoe Molds To Guide The Production Of Production Results, For The NBA Star Dwight Howard Manufacturing 3D Print Foot Mold, Complete The Player Foot Structure Custom Design, And To 3D Printing Technology As A Guide "Longji" Running Shoes In The Research And Development Stage Won The First China To Create A E Industrial Design Contest "Excellent 3D Print Award". Often, In The Use Of New 3D Printing Technology And Information At The Same Time, Pick, Supplemented By Innovative Structural Design Techniques, Completed The 3D Printing Technology In The Shoe Manufacturing On The Grand Break, Launched Its First 3D Print Running Shoes, To Ensure The Weight Of The Soles And Sensitivity At The Same Time, The Completion Of Special Cushioning, Bringing Excellent Running Clothes Experience.