PLA3D Printing Supplies Of The Ten Common Problems And Solutions

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In Daily Life, We Have Been Widely Used PLA3D Printing Supplies, But In The Course Of The Process We Will Encounter Some Problems, Especially When The Novice In The Use Of PLA3D Printing Supplies Encountered Some Problems Will Be In Short Time, Then We Come To Learn A Solution To The Common Problem Of PLA3D Printing Supplies.
First, PLA3D Print Supplies Blank Paper
1, Needle PLA3D Printing Supplies, Causing The Blank Paper Is Mostly Due To The Ribbon Ink Dry, Ribbon Pull Off, Print Head Damage, Etc., Should Be Replaced In Time Or Repair The Print Head
2, Inkjet PLA3D Printing Supplies, Causing The Print Blank Mostly Due To Nozzle Clogging, Ink Cartridges Without Ink, Etc., Should Clean The Nozzle Or Replace The Cartridge
3, Laser PLA3D Printing Supplies, Causing Such A Failure May Be Due To The Development Of The Roller Is Not Sucked Into The Toner, It May Be The Drum Is Not Grounded, So That The Negative Charge Can Not Be Released To The Laser Beam Can Not Work On The Photosensitive Drum. In Addition, The Laser PLA3D Printing Supplies The Photosensitive Drum Does Not Rotate, Then There Will Be No Image Generated And Spread To The Paper. Disconnect The PLA3D Printing Supplies From The Power Supply, Remove The Toner Cartridge, Open The Slot On The Cover, And Re-Load It In The Non-Photosensitive Area Of The Drum. Start Running For A While, And Then Remove The Check Mark Is Moving, You Can Determine Whether The Drum Is Working Properly. If The Toner Can Not Be Supplied Normally Or The Laser Beam Is Blocked, The Phenomenon Of Printing Blank Paper May Also Occur. Therefore, It Should Be Checked Whether The Toner Is Used Up, The Cartridge Is Correctly Loaded Into The Machine, Whether The Sealing Tape Has Been Removed Or Whether There Is An Obstruction On The Laser Irradiation Channel. It Is Important To Note That The Power Must Be Turned Off During Inspection, As The Laser Beam May Damage The Operator's Eyes.
Second, The Paper Output Turns Black
1, Needle PLA3D Printing Supplies, Causing The Fault Is Due To Ribbon Hair Removal, Too Much Ink On The Ribbon, Print Head Dirty, Poor Ribbon Quality And Putter Position Too Close, Etc., Maintenance Should First Adjust The Push Rod Position, Such As Failure Can Not Be Ruled Out, And Then Replace The Ribbon, Clean The Print Head, The General Can Be Troubleshooting
2, Inkjet PLA3D Printing Supplies, Should Focus On Checking The Nozzle Is Damaged, The Ink Pipe Is Broken, The Ink Model Is Normal, Etc.
3, Laser PLA3D Printing Supplies, Most Of The Failure Due To Corona Discharge Wire Or Control Circuit Failure, Making The Laser Has Been Launched, Resulting In Print The Contents Of The Whole Black. Therefore, It Should Be Checked Whether The Corona Discharge Wire Has Been Disconnected Or Corona High Voltage Exists, Whether The Beam Detector In The Laser Beam Path Is Working Properly.
Third, Print Characters Or Characters Are Not Clear
1, Inkjet PLA3D Printing Supplies, There May Be Two Reasons, Ink Cartridges Ink, PLA3D Printing Supplies For A Long Time Without Or By Direct Sunlight Caused By Nozzle Clogging. If The Cartridge Is Not Used Up, You Can Determine The Nozzle Is Blocked: Remove The Cartridge, The Nozzle On The Warm Water Soak For A While, Be Sure Not To Immerse The Circuit Board In The Water, Otherwise The Consequences Could Be Disastrous The
2, Needle PLA3D Printing Supplies, There May Be The Following Reasons: Print Ribbon To Use Too Long; Print Head For A Long Time Without Cleaning, Dirt Too Much; Print Head With Broken Needle; Print Head Drive Circuit Is Faulty. The Solution Is To Adjust The Gap Between The Print Head And The Print Roller, The Fault Can Not Be Ruled Out, You Can Change The Ribbon, If Not Enough, You Need To Clean The Print Head. Method Is: Remove The Print Head On The Two Fixed Screws, Win The Print Head, With A Needle Or A Small Hook To Remove The Print Head Before And After The Mixed Dirt, Are Generally Accumulated For A Long Time The Ribbon Fiber, And Then Print The Back Of The Head To See The Needle Where The Drop Of A Few Drops Of Instrument Oil To Remove Some Dirty, Do Not Install The Ribbon To Play A Few Sheets Of Paper, And Then Loaded With Ribbons, So The Basic Problem Can Be Solved, If The Print Head Off Needle Or Drive Circuit Problems, You Can Only Replace The Print Pin Or Drive The Tube.
Fourth, Print Writing Subdued
1, Needle PLA3D Printing Supplies, Causing The Cause Of Such Failures Are Mostly Ink Ribbon Dry, Print Head Broken Needle, Putter Position Too Far, You Can Replace The Ribbon And Adjust The Putter Method To Solve
2, Inkjet PLA3D Printing Supplies, Nozzle Clogging, Ink Too Dry, The Ink Model Is Not Correct, Into The Air Into The Ink Tube, PLA3D Printing Supplies Working Temperature Is Too High Will Cause The Fault, The Nozzle, Ink Tank, Etc. For Testing And Maintenance; PLA3D Printing Supplies, When The Toner Cartridge Less Toner, The Development Of The Roller Low Voltage And Toner Light Effect Is Poor, It Will Also Cause The Printing Handwriting Phenomenon. At This Point, Remove The Toner Cartridge Gently Shake, If The Print Results Did Not Improve, You Should Replace The Toner Cartridge Or Adjust The PLA3D Print Supplies Toner Cartridge Below A Set Of Photosensitive Switch, So That The Sensitivity Of The Toner Match.
5, Print Side Of The Handwriting While The Other Side Is Not Clear
Solution: This Phenomenon Is Generally Appear In The Needle PLA3D Printing Supplies, Inkjet PLA3D Printing Supplies May Also Occur, But The Probability Is Small, Mainly The Print Head Guide And Print Roller Is Not Parallel, Resulting In The Distance Between The Two Far. The Solution Is To Adjust The Spacing Between The Printhead Guide And The Print Roller To Make It Parallel. The Specific Approach Is: Loosen The Tabs On Both Sides Of The Print Head Guide, Turn The Tab Back Counterclockwise, And Finally Adjust The Print Head Guide And The Print Roller To Parallel To Solve The Problem. But Should Pay Attention To The Adjustment When The Direction Of Adjustment, You Can Gradually Adjust, And More Print Several Times.
Six, Repeated Stains On The Printed Paper
1, Needle PLA3D Print Supplies Repeated Dirty Problems Are Mostly Due To Ribbon Hair Removal Or Ink Caused By Too Much, Replace The Ribbon Cartridge Can Be Ruled Out
2, Inkjet PLA3D Printing Supplies Repeated Dirt Is Due To Ink Tank Or Ink Tube Caused By Leakage; When The Nozzle Performance Is Poor, The Ejected Ink And The Remaining Ink Can Not Be Broken And In A Balanced State, There Will Be Leakage Of The Phenomenon; And Laser PLA3D Printing Supplies Such A Phenomenon There Is A Certain Regularity, Because A Sheet Of Paper Through The PLA3D Printing Supplies, The Machine Within The 12 Kinds Of Rolls Through More Than One Lap, The Largest Drum Through 2 ~ 3 Circle, The Feed Roller May Turn Over 10 Turns, And When The Paper Is Equally Spaced, It May Be Caused By A Dirty Or Damaged Roll.
7, The Print Head Moving Blocked, Stopped Or In The Original Vibration
Solution: This Is Mainly Due To The Long Time The Print Head Guide Will Become Dry, The Print Head Will Be Blocked When Moving, To A Certain Extent Will Stop Printing, If Not Dealt With In A Serious Way Can Burn The Drive Circuit. The Solution Is To Print A Few Drops Of Instrument Oil On The Print Guide And Move The Print Head Back And Forth So That It Is Evenly Distributed. Re-Boot, If There Are Blocked Phenomenon, It Is Possible To Drive The Circuit Burned, You Need To Get The Maintenance Department.
8, PLA3D Printing Supplies Do Not Print
Causing PLA3D Printing Supplies Do Not Print The Cause Of The Fault There Are Many, There PLA3D Printing Supplies, There Are Also Computer. The Following Are Introduced Separately:
1, Check Whether The PLA3D Printing Supplies Are Online. On Most PLA3D Print Supplies, There Is A Light On The OnLine Button Next To The OnLine Button, Which Normally Lights Up Normally. If The Indicator Does Not Light Or Is Flashing, It Means That The Connection Is Not Normal, It Is Important To Check Whether The PLA3D Printing Consumable Power Is On, The PLA3D Printing Supplies Power Switch Is On, The PLA3D Printing Supplies Cable Is Connected Properly, And So On. If The Online Indicator Is OK, Turn Off The PLA3D Printing Supplies And Then Open It To See If The Printed Test Page Is Working Properly.
2, Check Whether The PLA3D Printing Supplies Have Been Set As The Default PLA3D Printing Supplies. Click "Start / Set / PLA3D Print Supplies" To Check Whether The Currently Used PLA3D Printing Supplies Icon Has A Small Black Hook And Then Set The PLA3D Printing Supplies To The Default PLA3D Printing Supplies. If The PLA3D Printing Supplies Are Not Used In The PLA3D Print Supplies Window, Click The Add PLA3D Print Supplies Icon And Follow The Prompts.
3, Check Whether The Current PLA3D Printing Supplies Are Set To Pause Printing. To Do This, Right-Click The PLA3D Print Supplies Icon In The PLA3D Print Supplies Window And Check For A Small Hook On The Pause Printing Option In The Drop-Down Menu That Appears. If Paused Print Is Selected, Cancel This Option.
4, In The "Notepad" In The Random Type Some Text, And Then Click The "File" Menu "Print". If You Can Print The Test Document, Then The Use Of The Print Program Is A Problem, Focus On Checking WPS, CCED, Word Or Other Applications Have Chosen The Correct PLA3D Printing Supplies, If The Application Is Generated Print File, Check The Application Generated Whether The Printout Is Correct.
5, Check The Computer's Hard Disk Space Is Too Small. If The Available Space Of The Hard Disk Is Less Than 10MB Can Not Print, Check The Method Is In The "My Computer" Right-Click To Install Windows Hard Disk Icon, Select "Properties" In The "General" Tab To Check The Hard Disk Space, If The Hard Disk The Remaining Space Is Less Than 10MB, You Must Empty The "Recycle Bin", Delete The Temporary Files On The Hard Disk, Expired Or No Longer Use The File To Release More Space.
6, Check The PLA3D Print Supplies Driver Is Appropriate And Print Configuration Is Correct. Check The Following In The "Details" Option In The "PLA3D Print Supplies Properties" Window: In The "Print To The Following Port" Selection Box, Check That The JP3D Print Supplies Port Settings Are Correct And The Most Commonly Used Ports Are "LPT1", But Some If You Can Not Print Large Files, You Should Focus On Checking The "Timeout Settings" Of The "Timeout Setting" Section. This Option Is Valid Only For PLA3D Printing Supplies Directly Connected To The Computer. Use The Network PLA3D It Is Not Valid When Printing Supplies.
7, Check The Computer's BIOS Settings In The PLA3D Print Supplies Port Is Open. BIOS PLA3D Printing Supplies Use Port Should Be Set To "Enable", Some PLA3D Printing Supplies Do Not Support ECP Type Of Print Port Signal, The Print Port Should Be Set To "Normal, ECP + EPP" Mode.
8, Check The Existence Of The Virus In The Computer, If You Need To Use Anti-Virus Software For Antivirus.
9, Check The PLA3D Printing Supplies Driver Is Damaged. You Can Reinstall The PLA3D Printing Consumables Driver By Right-Clicking The PLA3D Printing Supplies Icon, Selecting Delete, And Then Double-Clicking Add PLA3D Print Supplies.
10, PLA3D Printing Supplies Paper Feed Paper Without Paper Or Paper Jam, PLA3D Printing Supplies Toner Cartridges, Ribbons Or Toner Cartridges Are Valid, If Not, You Can Not Print.
9, PLA3D Print Supplies Jam Or Can Not Take Paper
Solution: PLA3D Printing Supplies The Most Common Fault Is Jam. When This Fault Occurs, The Indicator On The Operation Panel Lights Up And Sends An Alarm To The Host. There Are Many Reasons For This Failure, Such As Paper Output Path There Are Debris, Feed Roller And Other Parts Of The Rotation Failure, The Paper Does Not Feed Paper, Sensor Failure, Etc., To Remove This Fault Is Very Simple, Just Open The Cover , Remove The Card Can Be Paper, But Be Careful, Must Be In The Direction Of Paper Feed, Never Turn Any Knob In The Opposite Direction.
If You Always Jam, It Is Necessary To Check The Paper Feed Channel, Clear The Output Path Of The Debris, The Front Edge Of The Paper Just Above The Metal Plate. Check Whether The Paper Roll Is Worn Or Spring Loose, The Pressure Is Not Enough, That Is, The Paper Can Not Be Fed Into The Machine. Paper Roll Wear, And Can Not Be Replaced, You Can Use The Winding Rubber Band Approach To Emergency Treatment. Winding Rubber Band, Increasing The Rubbing Friction, Can Make The Paper Back To Normal. In Addition, The Installation Of The Tray Is Not Normal, The Paper Quality Is Not Good, Can Cause Paper Jam Or Can Not Take The Paper Failure.
Ten, Print Appears Chaotic Characters
Solution: Whether It Is Needle PLA3D Printing Supplies, Inkjet PLA3D Printing Supplies Or Laser PLA3D Printing Supplies Appear Garbled Phenomenon, Mostly Due To Damage To The Print Interface Circuit Or The Main Control Chip Damage Caused By The Actual Maintenance Found, PLA3D Printing Supplies Interface Circuit Damage Is More Common Failure, Because The Interface Circuit Using Micro-Power Supply, Once The Interface Plugged To Produce Instantaneous High-Voltage Static, It Is Easy To Breakdown Interface Chip, Generally Only Need To Replace The Interface Chip, The Failure Can Be Ruled Out. In Addition, The Font Has Not Been Properly Loaded PLA3D Printing Supplies Will Appear This Phenomenon.