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High temperature resistance, good fluidity, fast cooling, strong stability
ABS, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, is one of the commonly used materials in 3D FDM printer, which is a kind of common thermoplastic polymer...
ABS 3D Filament
The raw material of PLA 3D Filament comes from American company NatureWorks` Poly Lactic Acid, it is totally made by Ingeo raw materials. The life cycle of PLA begins with...
XYD-PLA 3D Filament
XYD-Wood and Bamboo 3D consumable, it is Low-carbon and environmental. It is mainly made by poly lactic acid, natural wood powder and bamboo. It diffuses fragrancy of wood and...
XYD-Wood and Bamboo
XYD-Flex consumable is thermoplastic and elastic rubber wire rod, it will become soften under a certain temperature and remains the same at room temperature...
XYD-ABS Conductive Black 3 D Filament is a kind of functional polymer material whose processing method is plastic processing and molding processing, it mixes resin as base...
XYD-ABS Conductive Black

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