3D Printing Supplies PLA Technology Strategy Practice

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It Is Understood That The "3D Printing Supplies PLA With A Way" Series Of Books Adhering To The "Country Of The Pay Is In The People Blind Date, The People Are Close To The Heart" Of The Body, "With The Most Advanced 3D Printing Supplies PLA Technology, Showing The Oldest Human Culture" Purpose, On The Country Along The Representative Of The Human Cultural Achievements To Stop 3D Rendering.
Chinese Academy Of Sciences, Guangzhou Institute Of Electronic Technology, The Original Director Of China's 3D Printing Supplies PLA Technology Industry Alliance Vice Chairman Li Yaotang Introduced That The Chinese Academy Of Sciences, Guangzhou Electronic Technology Research Institute 3D Printing Supplies PLA Innovation Laboratory Will Be Organized In 18 Provinces Of Nearly 100 School, Stop Series Series Of Compilation, The Institute Will Select One Of The Representative Content To Stop The 3D Printing Supplies PLA Modeling, And Screenshots To Guide Readers To Stop Learning. It Is Both A Reader To Control The 3D Modeling Technology And The Use Of 3D Printing Supplies PLA Machine Shallow Books, But Also Allows Readers To Understand The Process Of Understanding The Human Culture Of Wealth.
According To The Introduction, The School Will Be Involved In The Preparation Of The School Teachers And Students During The Holidays To Bring The Books Out Of The Country, Along With A Country Along The Way To Stop The Exchange Of Students. At Present, Zhejiang Changxing Middle School, Zhejiang Longyou Middle School, Hangzhou 11, Henan University Under The Secondary School, Ma On Shan Bo Wang Junior High School As The Representative Of The School Has Started To Develop Holiday Research, Education Programs, Destination Countries, Including Britain, Germany, Indonesia, Egypt Along The Way Along The Country.
"3D Printing Supplies PLA With A Way 'Series Of Books By The Chinese Students To Foreign Students To Stop The Way Of Communication, Is An Innovation." Hyundai Publishing House President Zang Yongqing Introduction That The Series Will Be The First Batch Of Sino-British, Sino-French Bilingual Two Versions. With The Development Of The Series, Will Also Develop Programs Such As German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Malay, Afrika And Other Languages.