3D Printing Supplies PLA Technology For The Manufacture Of Carbon Fiber Composite Parts

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The Rapid Development Of The Automobile Industry, To Bring People To Facilitate Transportation At The Same Time Also Faces Environmental Pollution And Energy Shortages And Other Issues, These Problems Make The Car's Energy-Saving Emission Reduction Work Eyebrows.
3D Printing Supplies Can Reduce The Consumption Of Non-Renewable Energy Such As Oil, Of Course, Car Weight Reduction Is One Of The Wrist Of Energy-Saving Emission Reduction, And The Completion Of The Main Vehicle Weight There Are Two Ways, One Is To Stop The Structural Design Of Automotive Parts Optimization One Is The Light Of High-Strength Information To Replace The Traditional Information, Carbon Fiber Composite Material Is A High-Intensity Lightweight Data, In Recent Years In The Automotive Application Has Been Rapid Development.
Traditional Carbon Fiber Laying Methods Are Highly Dependent On Labor, And High Cost, 3D Printing Supplies Technology Can Be An Automated Way To Create Complex Geometric Shape And Short-Term Needs Of Carbon Fiber Parts. At Present, Manufacturers Who Can Print Carbon Fiber Composite Data 3D Printing Supplies Are Listed On A Global Scale, Including Markforged, OrbitalComposites, ArevoLabs, ImpossibleObject And Other Companies That Directly Stop The Carbon Fiber Composite Data 3D Printing Supplies. In Addition To These Technologies That Directly Stop The Carbon Fiber Composite Data 3D Printing Consumables, Some 3D Printing Consumables Technology Can Be Used To Make Molds Of Carbon Fiber Composite Materials, And Together With The Molding Process To Quickly Manufacture Carbon Fiber Composite Parts, The Honda Group Is Using The Latter To Stop Rapid Manufacturing Of Carbon Fiber Composite Parts