How Should The PLA3D Print Supplies Course Be On?

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Primary And Secondary School Soft 3D Printing Supplies Course The Ultimate Intention Is To Develop Students From The Usual Days To Find The Ability To Conceive, From Scratch To Create Practice Talent. But 90% Of The Initial Start Of The Teacher, Will Come To Consult These Questions: Which Point Of View Should Be Cut Into Education? What Kind Of Case Is More Appropriate To Choose? Operation Order How To Speak Dry And So Interesting ... ... Thus, Xiaobian Unanimously Collected From The Young Three-Dimensional Idea Community Of 30 Teachers, For Primary And Secondary Soft 3D Printing Supplies Course Consulting The Three Most Critical Questions To Answer, Expect These Successful Start-Up Experience, Can Help Us Detours.
First, The Soft 3D Printing Supplies Curriculum Needs Equipment What Capital?
As The Teacher Of Long Anzhi In Chengdu Anren Middle School Speaks: Soft 3D Printing Supplies Courses Not Only Stay In The Strange Process Of Making Students Understand The Electronic Version Of 3D Models Into Entities, But More Importantly, The 3D Model For Printing Is Personally Conceived, Planning, Manufacturing, So The Performance Of "Create". Thus, The Campus In Addition To A Soft 3D Printing Supplies Machine, But Also Consider The Following Capital Construction, Youth Passenger Space Construction Plans:
1.3D Concept Planning Software. To The Characteristics Of Primary And Secondary School Students, Cluttered Professional Industrial Software Is Not Preferred, But Should Choose A More Lightweight 3D Planning Software.
2. Work Show Area. On The One Hand To Encourage The Enthusiasm Of Students, The Other Side Also Showed The Effect Of The Course.
3. Data Placement Area, Including Soft 3D Printing Supplies Information, Other Stars And Other Things.
Second, The Lesson Plan To How To Plan, The Ability To Make Students More Willing To Automatically Learn?
The Center Of The Soft 3D Printing Consumables Course Is To Foster The Potential Of Students To Develop Ideas, To Improve The Existing Items, Rather Than Blindly Planning. Here, We Have Selected Two Teachers Of The Start Of The Experience, For Us To See.
A. Plan The Story, The Characters Into The Situation To Learn
National Model Teacher Zheng Xian Teacher To Open The 3D Course Is To Use The Story Scene To Drop Monotonous - "My Paradise I Call The Shots" As The Main Line, Planning Virtual Characters, To Provide Students With The Situation Of Learning Places, In Real Terms, Deal With The Process Of Doubt To Grasp The Common Sense - So That Students Use 3DOne Print Software To Improve The Students Doubt To Explore The Ability To Deal With Doubt, Innovative Thinking Ability.
This Lesson Plan In The I3DOne Community Also Has A Set Of Ready-Made Lesson Plans For Free Viewing, Such As Lin's "Learn To Do 3D Superman", That Is, A Story Set Different Scenes, To Guide Students In The Face Of Different Challenges Before Planning Not The Same Thing To Deal With Questions.
B. Use Existing Examples To Guide Students To Improve And Innovate
All The Planning From Scratch A Story, A Lot Of Contact With The Teachers Is Very Difficult, Which, Beijing Fangshan District, The Fifth Middle School Teacher Liu Haifeng Education Method Worth Learning. 3DOne Official Textbook Provides A Lot Of Ready-Made Cases, But Liu Teachers Think These Are Usually Seen, Students Just Look Like Planning Is Too Monotonous.
So He Encouraged Students To Change A Little In These Books, To The Students Brainy Of The Time, Such As Building Blocks, So That They Add A Different Piece Of Building Blocks; Table Lamp Base, So That They Slightly Retouch, Become Different; Also, The Back Of The Chair, Since The Planning Shape, Is Still European-Style. So Gradually Over A Few Classes, So That Students Know, Is Not A Teaching That Kind Of Old-Fashioned Vulgar, But Everyone Is A Planner.
Third, Soft 3D Printing Supplies Courses With STEAM Education, Arduino, Etc. Can Blend It?
Soft 3D Printing Supplies Course Is Also Based On STEAM Educational Thinking, Because The 3D Planning Also Includes A Lot Of Engineering Knowledge, Art Planning Concept, Etc., Such As Zibo Chuang Space Of Yue Zonglong Teacher Initiated, So That 3D Planning To Deal With The Usual Question, For Example, The Handle Of The Faucet Is Broken, You Can Measure The Scale Of Self-Measurement, You Can Handle The Question, Which Is Consistent With The STEAM Educational Philosophy.