PC3D printing supplies technology to reshape the beginning of the industrial chain

In fact, there is a problem in the physical manufacturing industry: design is always the design, how to fall is the assembly of the workshop, and landing applications, but did not meet the design of theoretical data, all from scratch again. But the problem is in the design and production workshop this interval.
With the development of industrial level, PC3D printing supplies technology will gradually penetrate the manufacturing sector, and in this area to obtain a larger share, but also on the entire industrial development play a role in fueling!
The traditional process of reform
According to a person involved in a bicycle company in Shenzhen, their research and development time, often a problem: after the design, open mode production, and then test data, adjust the relevant parts and the original template to modify, open again, production, testing , And then in accordance with the data to adjust, this cycle continues to repeat the staged. Repeat the cycle length, waste a lot of time and money. Is there a good way to solve this problem?
In fact, with the development of science and technology, PC3D printing supplies to various industries, but many companies are not optimistic about the ability to print supplies PC3D, usually caused by the following reasons:
1, material restrictions:
For the manufacturing industry, they are involved in a variety of materials can be described as a wide variety of carbon fiber, titanium alloy, aluminum alloy, engineering plastics and other materials dazzling, such materials if only ordinary materials, raw materials can be manufactured through mature technology, Thereby obtaining a finished product close to the actual use effect.
But in the PC3D printing supplies, not every material can be printed at the same time, in this material, some of the material after PC3D printing supplies after the finished product, compared to the traditional process of finished products in the strength and other characteristics also There is a certain difference.
2, high cost
As PC3D printing supplies raw materials and traditional materials are not the same, the current domestic level, some special materials did not reach a certain scale of production, if the material imported from abroad, will not be able to guarantee the cost.
In fact, for enterprises, how to quickly produce samples, and through the relevant test, you can quickly start production and effectively reduce the cost of the program is the best solution. However, PC3D printing supplies and traditional crafts produced by the way is not the same, the use of materials also have a certain gap. For example, in the carbon fiber products, the current traditional process is used in the package, and in the PC3D printing supplies, only through the process of melting deposition manufacturing methods, how to ensure that the final finished products have the same characteristics, which is the current PC3D printing supplies industry Need to consider the issue.
PC3D printing supplies make science fiction a reality
Although the current PC3D printing supplies industry can not quickly replace the traditional manufacturing process, but in some areas of subdivision, but can effectively replace. Similarly, in the field of bicycles, Shimano as a bicycle industry tycoon, in its European headquarters on the use of a PC3D printing supplies machine, so that the design team can make more intuitive discussion and modification, and if you need to customers Display design can also be used to mold, so that customers have a more intuitive understanding.
Therefore, the current PC3D printing supplies industry, although not completely replace the traditional process, but in some areas, but can effectively replace. The future of PC3D printing supplies is also worth looking forward to:
1, food
US 3D food printing startup BeeHex said, will launch the first consumer products: Chef3D pizza printer. The system started research and development last year, just 6 minutes, you can make a 12-inch pizza, and in about a minute to withdraw from the system. In order to adapt to the food production process, the machine with air pressure system to replace the usual PC3D printing supplies used by the superposition of manufacturing technology;
2, medical treatment
In the medical field, PC3D printing supplies blood vessels, bones, organs and other cases have long been numerous, according to the latest case shows, PC3D printing supplies organ has been applied to mice, and grow blood vessels and nerves. With the PC3D printing supplies technology in the biological aspects of the future, the future of PC3D printing supplies will effectively promote the development of medical undertakings;
3, customized items
With the change in demand, unified standard products have been unable to meet the user's vision, and customized products, due to the use of traditional craftsmanship, resulting in high cost. The use of PC3D printing supplies technology, can effectively reduce costs, more importantly, the user can customize their own products, the perfect presentation of a unique concept.
PC3D printing supplies, to the future of the road
With the "China Smart Manufacturing 2025" footsteps, PC3D printing supplies as a reform of the production model reformers, will be cheaper, more efficient and more environmentally friendly advantages to replace the existing Chinese manufacturing model. Second, the widespread use of PC3D printing supplies makes the entire product development process can be carried out within the enterprise, which will shorten the development cycle and a good protection of the design. However, for a large number of rely on imitation and survival and lack of original design strength of the Chinese micro-enterprises, this is undoubtedly a heavy blow.
In some cities in China, the local government has started to PC3D printing supplies related industries layout and planning, from equipment research and development, software design, material preparation and technical services and many other aspects to encourage the development of PC3D printing supplies industry. It is not difficult to imagine, if China can grasp the transformation of the manufacturing transformation opportunities, will become the world PC3D printing supplies industry power, "China's intelligent manufacturing 2025" building lay a solid foundation!